Winds of Steel

Experience World War II's most epic and legendary air battles in Asia and Pacific theaters.

From the attack on Pearl Harbor, and all the way to the bombing of Tokyo, take command of 12 famous Pacific fighters and bombers in a challenging 3D game.

Fun and Challenging Campaign

Gradually improve your fighting skills with a progressive historical campaign.

Track your enemies and learn to master the machine guns, drop bombs and rockets. Take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier or a landing strip. Escort strategic bombers. Close air support amphibious assaults. Survive in many wild dogfights.

For Casual Gamers

Ready to pick a fight ?

Choose your aircraft and directly jump into action with the Instant Action missions or replay any campaign mission just for fun.

Twelve unique aircrafts are available, all with different flying behaviors.

Intuitive Controls

No more clumsy directional pad... Just tilt and roll your mobile phone to steer your aircraft and focus on the action.

Have fun with the vibrator feedback. Evade your enemies with barrels rolls, loops and other bold manoeuvers.