Android Market

I purchased the game and paid for it, but the download won't start.

First log on your Google Checkout account to see if the purchase has gone through:

Sometimes the payment authorization can take a long time (up to 24h).

If the download does not start, try to cancel the purchase, then retry.

If I change my phone or upgrade my Android version, do I need to purchase again?

You don't have to purchase again.

Purchases are synchronized with your primary Google account. All you have to do is used the same exact Google account on your new phone or after reinstallation. Be sure that the network is available at the first startup of the game (to restart the license check).

When trying to install, I get an error that says can't install on SD card. Any ideas?

This is usually a problem with the SD Card.

Try to uninstall the game, unmount the SDCard (in the settings apps), then reinstall, then remount the SD Card.

Is there a way to change the Google account that I used to get an app?

We cannot do that on our side.

You can try to contact Google and ask them to do this. Here is the address of their customer support:

Winds of Steel

The controls are not responsive. I am not able to control the aircraft.

Upgrade to Winds of Steel 1.16 or superior. This release contains a fix for phones and tablets without a magnetic sensor.

If this is not enough, this is usually a calibration issue. Try to make an 8 figure with your device to reset it (wave it several times). Avoid electromagnetic interferences like soundspeakers or CRT displays.

Shutdown and restart of the device may also help.

Some device has a calibration app in the settings menu.

I have to set up in a chair leaning over in order to climb and dive properly.

Currently, there is only one position supported: the device must be held in landscape mode, with a 45 degrees for straight, level flight.

Foxy Photo Editor

Is there a limit to the size of photo you can edit?

The size of the editable photo is limited by the amount of memory allocated for each app by Android.
Currently this is 1024x768.

How do I make collage

Here is a tutorial:Make collages...